Agronamai is a place for farmers to get innovative and professional advice. It is a network where farmers can get popular and necessary services; it is widely used worldwide, but still underdeveloped in the local market. Demonstration events, presentations of new solutions and training are organized at Agronamai, and a farmer working with an Agro manager can get key support for his farm.


The innovation retail network is a place for the acquisition of precision farming, telemetry, software, mobile devices, satellite photographs, etc. Every branch of Agronomai has a technical specialist who is able to deliver, implement and train farmers to use innovative solutions and maintain them.

Expert consultation by Agro managers – experts, professional economists and agronomists reputable in their fields provide farmers with the necessary knowledge of one-off strategies or ongoing management services. Agro managers develop land cultivation, crop selection, plant maintenance and crop rotation strategies in the farm, provide ongoing guidance and supervise the routine work as well as evaluating the current economic situation at the farm.