ART21 provides specialized software solutions for the agricultural sector. AgroSmart is a product family that includes solutions for players in the agricultural sector – from farmers to government institutions. AgroSmart's solutions help increase the efficiency of a customer's business and reduce costs. AgroSmart aims to become a leading supplier of software solutions for the agricultural sector in East Europe and Asia.


AgroSmart for farmers – a management program for plant growing processes. This solution helps farmers shape their farm's future and make easier investment decisions. It improves a farm's economic efficiency by increasing fertility and reducing expenditure while managing all of the farm's operating information in one place easily and quickly. AgroSmart for farmers also enables users to submit reports and declarations about growing crops to governmental institutions.

AgroSmart for grain elevators – a management program for companies that own elevators. Agrosmart helps to automate many time-consuming processes and provides the ability to manage any necessary information remotely. Its objective is to manage the flow effectively by making part of the process automatic, allowing the design of warehouses to be dynamic, and to analyze their operations according to all possible filter types. It provides suppliers with the possibility to follow and manage information from a distance, generate all the required reports for the company's management and analysis easily and quickly, while making the sales process as automatic as possible.

National register of livestock, accounting and migration monitoring - compex and innovative IT solution for livestock accounting including information registers.
The system provides new opportunities for effective animal accounting, disease risk management, allows free international movement of animals. The main advantages of the system:

  • Complete solution that allows to manage all the information necessary for easy import/export of animals to Europe and other countries
  • New technological capabilities, that lets to get the price of the animal in a fast way, depending on the collected data, or analyze the change in its value.
  • Effective and innovative use of information technology for the control of the spread of diseases among animals, allowing to quickly apply preventive measures.
  • Programs management for herds development and genetic improvement, analysis and assessment of cost-effectiveness.
  • Accounting and administration of vaccines and other veterinary drugs significantly improves economic indicators of livestock and improves the quality of products.
  • The system opens new opportunities in international programs for prevention and control of animal disease.


  • The first IT company in Lithuania to attract a venture capital fund (Business Angels Fund I) together with private investors in 2010
  • Nominated as one of the most successful new IT companies in Lithuania by the Knowledge Economy Forum in 2010
  • One of the initiators and founders of the "Smart IT cluster" in 2011
  • Became a member of the Lithuanian Business Confederation in 2011
  • Became a member of the Lithuanian Grain Processors' Association in 2011
  • Rated as belonging to the top 6 percent of the most solvent companies in Lithuania by Credit Info in 2011
  • Became a member of the Infobalt Association in 2012.