Benco is a multi-experienced team of professionals expanding their business in Lithuania and other European Union countries. The company works in the fields of telecommunications and engineering consultancy as well as project management. Clients are offered professional solutions ensuring high quality, which are developed, implemented and serviced by Benco in order to effectively meet the needs of their customers. Innovation, flexibility and responsibility – these are the principles of Benco's daily activities. The company's vision is to become the largest company in the Baltic countries providing smart solutions on telecommunications and intelligent energy.


Telecommunications. In collaboration with AVAYA - the world leader in telephony solutions, the company offers the most reliable and highly functional telephony solutions for small and large businesses, state-owned enterprises and contact centres.

Intelligent energy. The automated metering systems for all kinds of energy offered by the company enable effective management of the consumption of production process energy and reduce it from 5 to 25%.

IT infrastructure. Benco sells, installs and services computer hardware and software, servers, data storage and data transmission solutions. It implements computer – telephone networks and security solutions.

Servicing of IT systems. The information systems and computer networks of enterprises are responsibly and consistently maintained. The smooth performance of computers, servers, printers and other hardware and software is ensured.

Servicing of telecommunication systems. Benco services office telecommunication systems and provides call center supervision services. The company specializes in servicing AVAYA equipment (including Definity, Lucent), but also maintains telephone stations supplied by other manufacturers.