The "Blue Solutions" company was founded on November 24, 2009 by 28 professionals with experience in IT and business processes management. The business idea professed by "Blue Solutions" is not based on selling various ERP systems, but instead on the creation of added value for the client. Such value is created by optimizing a client's business processes via the means of information technologies and the provision of high-quality services. "Blue Solutions" is exclusively oriented towards quality and long-term relationships with clients, therefore since its very beginning, the company has rejected the hidden cost selling strategy, which is not a rarity in the IT services market. According to the deep conviction of the "Blue Solutions" team and supported by a great amount of research on the global and local scale, the demand for management innovation stems from the logic of investment, while the latter rests not solely on the price, but on the ratio between the price and the value acquired.

The team consists entirely of top level professionals with long years of experience in the implementation of high-sophistication big-scale projects in Lithuania and abroad, as well as working with systems such as Damgaard, Navision and other various products of Microsoft Dynamics.


"Blue Solutions" fosters its team by encouraging the accumulation of knowledge and stressing the importance of expertise. The company does its best to provide clients with professional knowledge which can be applied to the optimization of their business practices, and that which gives impetus for innovation. "Blue Solutions" aims at providing stewardship in the area of business process management and IT by providing the knowledge earlier and at a deeper extent than would otherwise be available to a client.


The BlueS Procurement solution developed by Blue Solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics AX system allows managing the procurement process from the identification of the procurement demand to the signing of the contract with a supplier and its execution. It keeps records of the tenders' results, recording and comparing the offers received from suppliers, as well as analyzing the history and tracking the efficiency of procurements. The solution facilitates the daily activities relating to the procurement organization, and provides opportunities for better procurement control.

The BlueS HR management solution collects and processes information about a company's employees.

The BlueS Hrtime management solution for keeping work time records allows entering information on a unified principle.

The BlueS Grain Accounting solution developed by Blue Solutions is designed for grain purchasing and processing companies, and manages all functions from signing the purchase contracts to delivering the finished product to a buyer.

The BlueS Contract Management solution for purchase and sale agreements was designed for administrating contracts, including their registration and implementation.

The BlueS BDF Management solution is designed for wholesale and retail companies that wish to account for and have clear information about the funds / measures allocated by suppliers, by the company itself for brand development and promotion, and the use of these funds and their impact on trade results. The BDF module also allows for full evaluation and calculation of the turnover discounts received from suppliers and provided to customers when they are calculated based on the turnover achieved during a given period of time. Elimination of the impact of BDFs and turnover discounts enables a more accurate evaluation of the actual profitability of products, channels and brands.

The BlueS Fleet Management solution is designed for the accounting of a company's transportation vehicle fleet and the management of fleet-related operations. It ensures the effective performance of day-to-day fleet-related operations and is adjusted to account for the fleet management of third parties servicing the company. Additionally, it can be used in companies that have their own transportation vehicles. The Fleet Management solution ensures the accounting of cargo shipments as well as accounting for the work hours of special equipment or machinery.